What product would you recommend for me?

Hi guys,I was wondering if you could give me advice on which products would be good for my hair.I have high porosity hair, and suffered from extreme heat and bleach damage. I cut off most part of the bleached parts and haven't used a straightener is 2 months (I used a straightener for years on a weekly basis). My original curl type was 3b, but because of the damage my hair is  mix of 2c,3a and 3b. My biggest issue is that my hair doesnt like good on day 2, if I wet it it becomes very frizzy and if I apply an oil it'll become very greasy. I have low density hair, and I havent found a hair product that really moisturizes my hair well.I'm mixed, my mother is black(East African) and my father is white (Arab). I also live in Europe which makes buying certain brands a bit more difficult.

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