Product/routine recommendation? Wavy/medium density/low porosity/varied width/medium to long length.

My hair has three types in it: course, curly hairs that grow in dark and lighten to red; medium, wavy hairs that are brown, and fine, straight hairs that are blonde.  No perms or dyes or anything- virgin hair. I think this varied texture and the low porosity are my biggest challenges.  I'm looking for definition with a routine as close to wash and go as possible.  I wash every 3 days or so, and I only want to spend a few minutes adding a product or two and letting it air dry. Whatever I need for a quick refresh on other days. I wouldn't mind doing a deep condition once a week or as necessary. My waves lack definition and get frizzy, so I guess I need something to get more moisture in. I see suggestions of oils like jojoba, when/how do I do use that?  I just purchased a variety of DevaCurl products in sets to try out, and I'm also interested in SheaMoisture and aloe vera gel, but any product recommendations and routines would be appreciated.

1 Answer

Hi MelyndaM, Sounds like you're doing the right things, or at least have the right idea! If you have low porosity hair, and loose texture, I would recommend staying away from heavy products with lots of oils. Everyone loves Shea Moisture, but it may have too many heavy ingredients for your hair type. DevaCurl is better for wavy hair, and they even have a new wavy line out called Delight. It's great! Here are a couple of helpful articles for low porosity hair: don't have low porosity hair, but I can advise on general regimen practices. I would recommend deep conditioning once every 2 weeks. Your hair doesn't look dry, and it's not color treated, so you don't need to deep condition that frequently. As far as wash-n-goes, I would recommend a light curl defining cream or mousse for your hair. Nothing that is going to weigh down your waves. If you find that you need more moisture, use spray leave-ins, or a combo of leave-in + definer. Briogeo has a nice 2-in-1 that is super light and defining. Hope that helps!