Products that actually moisturize???

I'm becoming so tired of wasting money on expensive products that don't work. My latest (now desperate) stint is with shea moisture and carols daughter.  I've tried shea moisture jbco lotion which left my hair dry and coated in a tacky film.  I tried carol's daughter leave in conditioner which left my hair feeling drier than fire kindling well before EOD. I've tried these alone, together, with shea butter,  without shea butter,  with olive oil to LOC (which extended the product slightly,  but ultimately left my hair very dry with oily residue...and exacerbated dandruff from the olive oil). Are there any products that actually WORK? My hair is starting to snap like a twig!  I wash weekly and use every moisturizing conditioner I can get my hands on lol. But I need a moisturizer that can actually moisturize. I don't care if it's a specifically "mostly natural" product or not. I need something that works. 

3 Answers

Hey love :), It may not be that they dont work, it may be that they are just not for your hair.That being said for me to best suggest something for your hair, I need to know what youre working with.What is your hair's porosity, density, and strand width?IF you dont know *Click here for porosity*, *Click here for density*, aaand "Click here for strand width* .Hope this helps, xo :).
hi I really like the aphrogee line they do a moisture conditioner which is really good if you don't want protein and other protein treatments. However my fav of this brand is the curlific range, I've only tried the intensive treatment but it works for me and it's reasonably priced! Got it from watching YouTube "mo knows hair"The other is DermOrganic, I think it's the deep conditioner that doesn't have silicones this stuff!!Hope this helpsHannah
If your hair is low-porosity and/or protein-sensitive, that could definitely make some products not work for you.