Products available in Europe for very thin 3a hair?

I would very much prefer produts made from natural ingredients. I have tried Devacurl B'Leave-In and it works but it makes my hair crispy (I have very thin hair that isn't very porous), as well as their light hold gel (it looks like it has a strong hold on my hair). My hair will have no frizz and still look good, but it will look flatter and wavier, not curly, because of the weight (I put on very little product mind you).Last night I tried for the first time Shea Moisture - Yucca and Baobab range made specifically for thin hair and my hair looks amazing, my curls are much more defined and natural looking, hair is super soft. Problem is these products cost me a small fortune because they are not available in Europe. I bought them from a european seller but they are still imported and cost 3x as much as they do in the US. Can anyone recommend any products that are similar and available in europe, that don't cost the equivalent of 30 USD for a small bottle? That is definitely a bit too much, even for an amazing product, especially since conditioner gets used up fast.Thank you.

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