Any products without coconut oil?

Hello everyone!  I unintentionally went natural about 7yrs ago when I moved away from my long time hair dresser and did not trust anyone to put a relaxer in my hair. Throughout the years, I've tried many products but usually my hair is bone dry in an hour.  I eventually realized coconut oil was the culprit and any product with it (even if it is listed as the last ingredient) would cause this issue. I started to use more oils and a few homemade items, but I do not have a great moisturizer for everyday use. Any suggestions for products, natural ingredients,etc that do not contain coconut oil? I don't have one particular hair texture as it is wavy in the front, curly on the side and coily in the back. Thank you for any help!

1 Answer

Shea Moisture now has a new Low Porosity line at Target that is protein free and no coconut oil from what I understand. I'd start there. Love your name btw -WavesCoilsCurls-- too cute!