Products to get my curls back? (100% humid.=curls, life in 0% humid.=stretched, erratic waves)

Botticelli curls (like Melina Kanakaredes) w/o effort or any particular product in 100% humidity, but I live in 0% humidity & want my curls back.  Had some success w/ L'oreal Hydracharge (no longer sold)--products like Eden and As I Am are too heavy and barely produce stretched out curl, products like Redpure coconut cream leaves my hair soft, but w/o frustrating!  Help--Seeking cruelty-free shampoo/conditioner/cowash/curl-defining product to restore/lock-in humidity & curl in the desert.Thanks so much!

1 Answer

i'm not here to promote a brand but my blog explains how to determine if your products are curl friendly.