Products for damaged curls?

I have 3b curls.Once I got my hair highlights. After the structure is broken. began to dry and my curls were damaged. I cut twice on highlighted sections. but my hair still did not improve. What products should ı use ? Please help me :(

1 Answer

Awww, I am so sorry to hear that.  The traditional answer to that question is that there is virtually nothing you can do to permanently repair the damage.  However there are some temporary things you can do on a consistent basis that can help you as your new, stronger hair grows in.  You can deep condition your hair on a regular basis with a repairative treatment.  The problem is that when overused, this can create more damage.  So, for your first line of defense, look for a product that is a formulated Re-constructor.  This will work to repair your hair and is typically the strongest level of defense.  You can use the re-constructor as the bottle instructs which should be no more than every 2 months or so.  It should be pretty powerful.  In the meantime, you can do weekly or biweekly deep conditioning treatments to your hair.  Alternate with a moisturizing deep conditioner and a strengthening deep conditioner. You will know which product to choose by the names.  For moisture, you will see words like "hydrate," "Moisture," or "quench."  For strengtheners you will see words like  "repair," "strengthen," and " restore."  One ingredient in products that has the best of both worlds is a protein called "hydrolized wheat protein"  which both enhances moisture and strengthens. You can find this in the Aphogee two-step treatment in  Finally, there is a new technology that has come to surface which can be found in professional salons.  It is a treatment called Olaplex this claims to permanently repair damaged hair!  Check out this article: was a lot of information, please let me know if you have any questions.  BEST WISHES!