What products would be good for the LOC method for 3b hair? My hair is also low density...

3 Answers

Hello :)I suggest enliven conditioner coconut vanilla , i use it for both co wash n leave in conditioner ,as sealer i use coconut oil. when  ever i feel i need extra hold for my hair i use Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. feel free for any further details.B Hpy:)
I have low density as well, you might not see it in the photo because I always cover up my mid section. I think the LCO method works better for me than LOC. On the days I wash my hair I use Cantu curl activator cream as a liquid, than shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie or Curls ecstasy hair tea conditioner or Cantu creamy hair lotion because because they all feel like a thicker cream. As an oil I use Jojoba oil, as my hair has low density and I usually don't like the greasiness of oils jojoba oil is perfect, it's very thin and non sticky. Sometimes I use a gel instead of an oil. 
if you find most oils to be to heavy for your hear look into light oils such as argan oil or dry oils you can find them in walmart or target.