Products for hair that is limp, frizzy and has no definition?

I am a teenage girl and I get my hair straightened every 2 weeks typically since the sixth grade.( I am entering 9th grade) I started trying natural styles last summer and am doing it again this summer. The whole bottom half of my hair is very defined healthy bouncy soft  3c curls that appear to have little to no damage from the heat. My hair in the front sections is more of a 3b and is also very healthy and appears unchanged from the heat The crown of my head is the problem, the hair here is harder and frizzier than the other sections of my hair and has basically no definition or sign of pattern . The hair strands seems to be finer in this section but the hair is harder to detangle .I can see slight fine waves in the shower but the hair is very frizzy. This section also seems to not absorb water and products like my other hair .The products just seem to sit on the hairWould a protein treatment revive this section?  My mom and I don't know what  else to do. I have tried many products and I want something that works.

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