Products for hair that is really really dry?

Well here's the deal. I grew up with a Caucasian mom who knew nothing about my hair, and a das who put his hair in dreadlocks for most of my time alive. at around the age of 4 my mom started straightening it and eventually I would just keep straightening it over and over. This continued until about fifth grade, when I just started to throw my hair in buns and braids. Fast forward about 3 years when I noticed My edges were balding, badly. I had decided this was when I needed to try to "embrace" my natural hair. My hair has gotten better for about the 6 months that I've been devoted to wearing my hair down more often. My hair used to be really nice and curly when I was little. But now it is super dry and absorbs product really really really fast (which I'm guessing is due to high porosity). I've tried many products but I need good recommendations as I've had practically no education on what to use since my dads side of the family mainly uses relaxers and sew ins.I need products that will provide really good moisture , and of the ones I've tried none have really worked (these include the cantu leave in, shea moisture curl cream which many rave about but I don't see the big deal). I stopped using shampoo and switched to co wash about a week ago. Any recommendations would help (Btw my hair is mostly 3b with the bottom layer being 3c and it is down to my waist while straightened)The first picture is my hair recently the second picture is my hair a couple years ago, the third and fourth picture are my curls as a baby.

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