Which products for my hair? Can't find something that I know will work..

I seem to have air type 3B, but it's not the exact same... My hair is quite thin, not curly on top but curly from where it seperates from my head and just hangs loose (hard to explain..). It's quite frizzy but also very curly, and the curls are medium big (like you can fit a finger in some of them, some are smaller and some are bigger.. Just not a single size.. ) Some of my curls are very curly (like corkscrew curls), and some are loose. It is very frizzy in the back. I have tried to cut out shampoo and only use conditioner, and it works. What I want is some hair products for MY hair, that works and defines my curls in a way that makes me not need to worry how it looks.. My hair is also very dry (it's just naturally dry, for literally no reason. Whatever I do it dries again). Please help.. I don't want to use many products, just a few that really works with my hair..

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Ahhhh, gorgeous curls! Try the Curly Girl method (find info here on NC and on Youtube).  Co wash (conditioner wash) with Suave Naturals. Use a deep conditioner to jump start things (like Hask Keratin pack) and then with some regularity (once a week, 2x a month?). Periodically use a gentle sulfate free shampoo like Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter shampoo. A conditioner like GVP Conditioning balm from Sally is good and not expensive. Or Yes To Carrots Nourishing conditioner. Kinky Curly Knot Today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard are also great and available at Target but a little more pricey. If you need a bit more frizz control, LA Looks Sport gel can be used in smaller or greater amounts as needed and it's super cheap, $2. I also like Curl Keeper curl definition and frizz control but you will need a leave in with it b/c it is not a moisturizing product! You will have to experiment with products. Don't be stuck with something that didn't work either. Take it back! I would be out so much money at the beginning of my journey if I hadn't returned things that were wrong for my hair! A small notepad every wash with what you did/used can be helpful. Best of luck you have a great head of hair to start with and I know you can find the right products. Don't get frustrated. Just keep trying. Everyone's curls are different!You can watch Waterlily 716 on youtube as well as The Polished Curl for ideas. They helped me as I began my curly girl journey. 
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