Products to help my hair curl more? My hair ranges from frizzy and straight ish to a 2C

My hair is super frizzy and fairly thick. It seems straight or with a slight wave in some areas (like the top layers) and in other areas (most commonly the bottom part of my hair near my neck and aroung my hairline) are more of a 2C. Is there any products you would recommend to help my hair not be as frizzy and curl more in the straightish areas.

1 Answer

Hi Jessicalyn24,If frizz is a problem, I recommend finding out why your hair is frizzy first. I've outlined below some problems and solutions that could be happening here: 1. Your hair is dry: If your hair is dry, you need to be sure and use a deep conditioner every week. My favorite is SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil. You can find it at Target! 2. It's humid where you live: If it's really humid where you live, I suggest sticking to anti-humectant products and glycerin free products. Check out the links I posted! 3. You're using the wrong products: be sure to use sulfate-free shampoos, light moisturizers, and a satin pillowcase to keep frizz away. Check out this list of products...hopefully it covers everything I didn't. Good luck!