What products should I use on my baby fine, wavy/curly hair?

my hair is very fine and soft. It's wavy on top, curly on bottom. I don't have enough curl to give volume at the roots. I have tried every gel I can find, and it's too crunchy and separated. I feel like if my curls clump together, it gives the appearance of more hair. Most mousses are too strong of a hold, so it gives me that "dry/stale" look. Creams tend to wear my hair down. I've been using Paul Mitchell Hydrocream Whip, but it doesn't have enough frizz control. I want my hair to look soft, clumped yet defined. Am I asking for the impossible?Found the best pics of my hair. Haha

1 Answer

I have pretty fine hair, too. This looks like an old post, but if you're still interested, DevaCurl Light Defining Gel is the best. It's really hard to find styling products that don't overdo it, and this is just perfect. I also like their One Condition, although their Delight line might be better for you. It's all a little expensive, but I haven't found a good alternative (yet) that doesn't weigh my hair down like crazy. Good luck! Your hair is beautiful, by the way.