Which products should I use? long 3b hair, high density, fine width, low poros. I think??

I have had trouble with my hair for years. I'm a 16 year old white girl, who has very long hair, and very dry!! It's brittle and when I sometimes (rarely) brush it out before baths it honestly looks like a huge afro. Whenever I use products, they weigh down my hair, adding NO volume, and it always makes my scalp really itchy!What are some great products I can use?? I want defined, bouncy, moisturized curls, but not weighed down! (I think it's being weighed down because of the fine width of my hair :(Right now I'm using the "African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Bouncy Curls leave in conditioner", it's WAY too thick for my hair! (I twist my hair with this) After that I scrunch morrocan oil on my curls.Please.. I hate my hair right now :(

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Don't judge from the picture also! This is like years ago, where I curled my hair because I though it looked ugly.. soooo.
I used to have long hair but now I have short, fine, high density, low porosity hair so we are very similar. I am quarter black so my hair may respond slightly different. Alright, first of all, do you follow the CG method? I had tons of problems with dry and brittle hair from sulfates and silicones in my shampoos and conditioners. I shampoo my hair maybe once a week, the rest of the time I take a shower and jump right to conditioning and I use devacurl no poo. Even just getting rid of shampoo will make a huge difference. oils and heavy products are going to just sit on our low porosity hair and make it heavy, they don't sink in because our hair is not porous, it is a closed cuticle. Google search some tips for 'low porosity curly hair' and experiment with the products suggested. Also the humidity is going to be a big factor about what products work during what seasons. Bear in mind what you do in the summer may very well stop working in the fall-winter-spring and you will have to experiment until you find what works for you in each season.  Humectants (things with glycerin) will make your hair frizzy and over moisturised in high humidity and dry and brittle in very low humidity (winter). To get things to sink in, you actually want to add a little heat. If you are using a deep conditioner or hot oil, put a bag over your head and wrap it in a towel to use your body heat to open your hair up. You could also sit under a dryer. I have tried moroccan oil and my experience with it is, my hair gets REALLY soft.... And frizzes out if I apply them on wet hair, or my hair gets really heavy and oily looking if I apply them on dry hair. I do better with creams. I have been using devacurl for a long time now since it was the first thing I found that worked. Try leaving in different amounts of a CG conditioner to help with definition. I leave most of my one condition in, and then finger comb in a pretty decent amount of get. I form my curls around my fingers while it is still dripping wet, and then don't touch it while it air dries into a hard cast. If I want more volume, I will tip my head upside down (still have dripping wet hair), take a handful of curls and scrunch them against my scalp to make them more bouncy. Never use a towell, use a T shirt to scrunch if you must use something towel like. I'm trying to transition to more natural drugstore brands but I haven't found anything that works yet.Also, waterlily716 on youtube has a ton of great tutorials about  dealing with curly hair, check her out!Hope some of this helps, good luck!