What products should i be using for my 2b, medium-thin, low porosity hair?

Im using SheaMoisture fruit fusion coconut water weightless shampoo. Plus the shea moisture hair mask. It says it has no sulphates so thats good but i dont know if it has silicone in it ....

1 Answer

Hi Emmals, SheaMoisture doesn't usually use silicones, but you can always read the label and look for any ingredients that end in "cone" or "xane" or "conol". If you see the letters PEG before it, that means it's water soluble. Check out this article if you wanna learn more about cones. :) If it turns out that your conditioner does have cones (but I don't think it does) here's a list of some great silicone free conditioners. I personally don't have low porosity hair, so I can't offer any tips that I've used. But we have a lot of great articles that can help you! Top 15 Products for Low Porosity Hair4 Things You Can't Do When You Have Low Porosity Hair5 Things Everyone with Low Porosity Hair Should KnowHope that helps! Good luck!