What products should I be using?! AHH! (lol)

Hello! :-) Let me start off by saying I JUST read the "Live Curly, Live Free: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the World of Beautiful Curly Hair" by Tiffany Anderson Taylor. It was a great read! HOWEVER - I think I may feel more confused than ever as to what products I should be using for my hair...  What should I be washing with? What styling products should I be using? :-/My hair is medium texture (fine in some areas) w/ high porosity. I also have high hair density, and my hair elasticity is normal.I am working with a limited budget, and am trying to find the best products I can within my price range (which is roughly $6-8 per product). I need products that do not contain protein (keratin), but also do not contain heavy emollients (moisturizers), which seems hard to find because a lot of curly-hair products do contain moisturizers. Should I still BE using products that are labeled as having "moisturizers" or are "moisturizing"? If so, how do I know which ones contain "heavy emollients" (as Tiffany put it) so as to avoid those?  Help?! lol o_o

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