Products for low-porosity, high-density hair? Can't find protein-free + humectant

So, I'm new to this curly girl method! I think I have high-density, low-porosity hair so I'm looking for protein-free, humectant products but haven't been able to find anything. For about a year, I've been using DevaCurl No-Poo and One Condition (washing most of it out), and Tresemme extra firm control gel (plus a tiny bit of One Condition) to style.... This routine has only been ok, not great. Still dealing with frizz and dryness. Also Devacurl products are not exactly cheap so I want to find more affordable products that I am really happy with!!I just purchased a Yes to Carrots conditioner which I have yet to try, hoping it adds moisture I need. Any suggestions for no-poo, leave-in, deep conditioner, etc. that are protein-free with humectants??

2 Answers

I'm 2c low density, low porosity and protein sensitive.  I do well with VO5 Pomegranate as my co-wash and GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally Beauty for my rinse out. For my leave in I use KCKT followed by a gel, usually a mix of  Tresemme Extra Hold Gel and KCCC. While it's easier to find protein free, finding protein free with humectants is a bit trickier and I'm still learning what to look for. I'm pretty sure that the Kinky Curly products have humectants (KCCC has agave). Deva was my introduction to CG but my hair doesn't feel great with those products. Too much protein. DC Ultra get has great hold but makes my hair feel like hard straw!! I'm looking for a stronger hold gel since the Kinky Curly products have a lot of slip. Probably will try JessiCurl for a new gel. I think they have several protein free options. Hope that helps a wee bit.
Ahh. Yes. Sorry about that. They do have proteins listed but so far my hair does great on them. I think they are far enough down the list that they are negligible or I am just not sensitive to those particular proteins. I am new to this and have had to return several products and also had some good finds. I am most sensitive to coconut and cocamidipropyl betaine a coconut derived cleansing agent. Then it looks like wheat proteins and maybe some other grains. Since V05 is only $.77-1.75 a bottle depending where you get it it's worth a try. I just found 3 other varieties today at Ralph's on sale if you have that grocery store. :)