Products to weigh hair down/straighten the curls a tad

I am currently growing my hair out for the first time. When I first started I imagined to look somewhat like Harry Styles does (2016). Now that my hair is about 8 inches long I'm starting to worry that I have too much volume/too curly hair for that look. It gets too big and fluffy to lay down.Is there a hair product that I can use to make my hair fall down, make it less fluffy? Or should I thin my hair out?Thank you I don't know if this helps but I'm a man and this is my first time growing long hair so every helping hand is appreciated

2 Answers

Volume is beautiful, so I'd personally advise against doing something to "lay" your curls down. But there is a technique called "pulling" that works for some curlies. here's an article+video that mention it.