What products work best for 4C hair that is soft, not coarse? I'm trying to wear twist & braid outs?

I believe I have type 4C hair, but its very soft (straightens easy) but also, reverts easy.  I want to wear braid or twist outs without having my hair revert to an afro.

1 Answer

Im a 4c and I know if your hair is already soft and you want to do a twist out ( as this is one of my go to styles ) you probably just need something to help hold the twists so the twist out clumps better/ has less frizz. I like to use Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil ( not too much, dont want hair greasy ). If you dont want to use something containing minerol oil ( I was this way but found it not to be so bad after all: http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/10/closer-look-at-... ) try mixing a bit of red palm oil with a leave-in. Also, try using glycerin. To stretch the twists so they keep their form a bit, you can twist a section of the smaller twists into bigger twists, then wrap those around flexirods. Hope this helps :)!