What products/routines would you recommend for 2b/2c hair?

I recently decided to begin my journey to take better care of my hair and try to improve how it looks. I cut off about 12 inches in January (it is now a little longer than shoulder length), and since, I have had a harder time getting results that I am pleased with. Previously, I used Pantene shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, and used the corresponding styling creme. I have done a lot of research to try to figure out what would be best, but I feel more confused than when I began! I purchased Devacurl products and attempted the 3 step method, as it seemed like the easiest solution. I also tried the styling creme as well. I wasn't too pleased with the results, and I cannot stand the smell of the products. Would someone be able to recommend specific products for my hair type? I am looking for a daily cleanser, conditioner, styling products, as well as a deep conditioner. I have issues with frizz, and usually my hair gets poofy as the day goes on. I believe my hair may be dry as well. I have been using a cotton shirt to dry my hair, and I always air dry. I am hoping for a simple wash and go method, and would also like to be able to get a second day out of my hair. Please help!!

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I have hair that's sort of 3a/3b on bottom and 2b on top. I've had the most luck with DevaCurl products--I use the conditioner every other day and the no poo about once a month. I use the hydrating cream gel for styling. My hair is long so I use clips to set and dry. For dryness, I use coconut oil on the ends before showering!As for getting longer, I can say I struggle with growing it. I can recommend being as gentle as possible no matter the detangling technique you use. I once took a biotin supplement in effort to grow but it made no difference, and keeping it well hydrated seems more important. Also, I can't cut as often as three months because it just gets shorter, so I usually trim every 4-5 months since mine grows so slow.I use a hair drying towel also because my hair is long and takes forever to dry. curlease.comI detangle my hair with a brush while conditioning in the shower...but I haven't yet settled if thats more damaging to my hair than dry brushing or detangling another way.