Really Dry 4b Hair?

I have low porosity hair and I swear any moisturizer or leave in that I use just either sits on my hair (causing so much product buildup with is disgusting) or gets soaked up and does absolutely NOTHING. And I've tried almost everythinggggg, the only product that has ever worked for me was Aunt Jackies Quench Leave in but they only sell those online and I'm broke asl. What other products can I use? My hair has become so dry and brittle and there's hair everywhere all over the sink and I'm tired. My hair only feels moisturized and soft when I deep condition and after that if I even TRY to put coconut oil or whatever oil or a leave in or anything to seal in that moisture the oh crap my hair is freaking dry. I need help, I think my hair hates everything including me.

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