Anyone know of semi or demi-permanent hair color that's Curly Girl friendly?

1 Answer

I use Naturtint permanent hair dye.  I get it from Holland & Barrett.  1 bottle is more than enough to do my hair which is thick and comes to the bottom of my ribs.  It's much less damaging to my hair & comes out a lovely rich colour.  I use 4N and on my hair it comes out the color of Mary's hair in the series Reign.  My hair looks similar to that in it's curl pattern when it behaves itself.  I'm not sure how it fits with the curly girl method, but it's the least damaging one I've found and doesn't dry my hair out or strip it at all.  It does smell like new plastic though, as if you've opened a new pair of armbands for the kids, but the smell washes out of your hair after 1 or 2 washes. I'm also following the curly girl method, although I've only just started that.