Recommendations for non-crunchy HOLD for 2b-3a hair, please?

I'm new to curliness, even though I'm 52.  I started the no-poo method about 15 months ago (I'm now cowashing) and, surprise!, my somewhat wavy (mostly grey/white/silver) hair started curling about a month ago.  I guess it really like shampoo.I now apparently have low porosity, medium density, 2b to 3a hair, depending on the day. I've been experimenting with products over the last few weeks, but haven't found anything that really holds the curls and keeps the frizz down. I'm having to refresh with water several times a day, which works, but then my hair is wet all the time.I really hate that crunchy feel and "wet" look that so many gels and mousses produce. My hair gets weighed down pretty easily, and if I use much product, my roots start looking gross and greasy. Also, I'm committed to using cruelty-free products as much as I can.  Plus, I'm hyper-sensitive to fragrances.I know, I know. That's a lot of factors.Even so, can anyone recommend good hold products for me?  I'm extremely grateful for any help!Thanks!

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