How to recover my natural curls after Brazilian Keratin, and constant blowdry straigthening?

I have treated my hair with a Brazilian Keratin chemical, to leave it smoother and relax my curl wave, which is naturally curly, type 3B.Regularly, after washing my hair, I blowdry the roots of my hair, to keep the roots straight. However, the hair has grown now, and the roots are very curly, but their ends are very straight. I would like to know, how can I get my curls back after having done this keratin treatment, and also, after performing regular straigthening to my hair with my blowdryer? Mostly in the little hairs of the front of the head, where they have quite straight ends, and the root is naturally curly.

2 Answers

The easiest thing for you to do right now is to stay away from heat all together for the time being ., also stay away from any form of chemical. Just treat your hair with the care it needs.If you don't already , you should deep condition once a week. DC'ing will help your hair recover itself ( if it can) Shea moisture has a nice Deep conditioner , and Macadamia natural oil deep conditioner is superb ! ( even though it cost a pretty penny) I don't want to say your hair is permanently damaged by either the treatment or the heat because I honestly don't know .But if your hair seems to still be straight after a couple of months then I think it's damaged and will have to be cut off because it will not go back to curly . But just try taking care of it and deep conditioning before you conclude that it's permanently damaged 
I had the same issue.  I agree with ShesThatArtist's recommendations.  I recovered my curls after always straightening my hair aswell as using relaxers by staying away from heat, giving up straightening completely so as not to confuse my curl pattern anymore.  I also Deep Conditioned alot and kept styling it curly only.  I did also eventually have to have my hair cut.  However try that last.  Sometimes you don't need to cut your hair and you just need to give your curls time to reestablish their curl pattern.  You definitely have to be very patient and keep styling it curly.