Regimen for growth on 4a hair with an uneven big chop?

I did my own big chop. While doing so, it seemed I could never cut short enough on the top because the ends were still straight (which ended up not being relaxed hair but the way my hair was) so needless to say, I chopped and chopped and chopped away at the top before I realized this was the way my hair was.  It has grown out at this point but is still uneven from the rest of my hair of course. I don't want to cut my hair to match the top (the difference in length is probably about an inch). Is there any regimen I can do for more rapid growth on the top or will it always be uneven unless I cut? 

1 Answer

There is no way to increase your hair growth, but you can maintain a healthy diet, low stress levels, a clean scalp, exercise regularly and a clean scalp to ensure you are reaching your optimal growth.