Repairing heat damaged hair...for real this time.

I was born with beautiful, thick, long curly hair. In 7th grade (2007) I made the worst mistake of my life by flat ironing my hair for the first time and majorly cutting it. Being 12, I had no idea how to manage my curly hair and neither did my mother so being introduced to the flat iron and it's "wonders" of straighter, easier hair was exactly what I was looking for at the time. It's now 2014. I have been using the flat iron for 7 years now. Ever since 2007 I would keep my hair natural during most of the summers/beginnings of the major holiday breaks (but never on the holiday because I needed to look good for pictures lol) because I didn't have school. And I would wash and re-flat iron it every two weeks. These past two years I stopped flat ironing it everyday because I realized I didn't need to or I would braid my hair before bed, wake up, take the braids out and go on with my day with my hair braid waved. I'm officially done using the flat iron now. Surprisingly, my hair is not as damaged as I thought it was but don't get me wrong it is definitely damaged. I honestly don't know what type my hair is because it is not described like any of the examples given. Two days ago I got my hair cut when it was straightened and yesterday I washed it and now it is curly. Besides the obvious (staying away from heat) what are some other things I can do to begin the process of repairing my hair. My biggest problem is literally my roots in the front and the top layer of my hair are fried. My ends are good and everything since I got it cut the other day but those are the biggest problems. What I'm really asking is I know it takes time to repair but what routines, products, and styles (especially products and styles) can I do to begin the process? 

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Here is a video that hopefully helps you :)