What's your favorite product and why? I am eager to know what curly girls of all textures love.

With the vast array of products I would  love to know what line or brand that gives your hair what it needs at the right price. 

7 Answers

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my absolute favorite. This product as I've seen, has worked for a lot of curly girls (but not all). It does as it says, it defines my curls and it gives my hair good moisture and I love it's thick texture. It is on the pricey side, but it's definitely worth the money. If you want to try it, I seen at Target that you can get it in a travel size bottle.
Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie! I have 2c-3a hair and this works wonders. At my Target, it sells for $11 which isn't bad in the curly product world! It defines my hair beautifully and gives me great second day hair. It even gets the top layer of my hair to curl, which is my frizziest section of my hair.  My only complaint is that it doesn't have much hold. If you want more hold, Cantu's Curl Activator Creme is also great! The curl activator gives me great curls and waves that look professionally done, as if I curled them with a curling wand! However, it doesn't give me very good second day hair and I prefer having bouncy, curly hair all over my head instead of soft waves on top and curls underneath. I usually reserve the curl activator for rainy, humid days and days where my hair has to look polished and fancy. 
I love coconut oil and As I Am products! I am a 4C and my hair is coiled extra tight. I am still looking for that product that can help stretch my coils.
Shea Moisture raw shea butter masque. This works well by itself, but for my 4a/4b color treated hair, it works best when warmed up with olive oil added to the mix.
Still figuring it out, but so far I like the As I Am cowash, leave-in, and "Hydration Elation" deep conditioner. I still have a lot of frizz, but at least my hair is growing instead of breaking, it feels soft, it moves, and the longer it gets the more curls I see. p.s. It's dense and possibly protein sensitive.
I love anything Obia Naturals but my favorite is their Curl Moisture Cream Leave in Conditioner....AH-MAZING! :) 
I didn't start rocking great curls until I tried Ouidad products on my 3C/4B mixed hair (I'm interracial).  I use the Climate Control Gel everyday and get the same control and definition always...its consistent.  Two or three times a month I wash with shampoo prior to using the 12 minute Deep Conditioner they make.  I cowash every few days with whatever conditioner I have around.  I also use a shampoo brush occasionally but not too much as it disrupt the curl pattern.