What's more important: Price or Performance in a hair product?

I know many are on budgets (college students, trying to save) but still want gorgoues hair. Is it possible to have both and if not, what is your driving force? Price or performance? 

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Good question, I find myself struggling with this at times. My hair is always at it's healthiest when I use all organic products, but that does become a pricey expensive. Lately I've been using products from the TRESemme Naurals collection and I've been loving it. It has fewer harsh chemicals in comparison to other TRESemme shampoos and conditioners, and the conditioner leaves my hairs silky soft. A lot more drug store brands are making products that are less damaging to our hair and I've been loving it! So yes, I do think it's possible to have both =)
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I'm an apprentice studying hair part time and working full time in a salon in the uk, I am payed below the minimum wage since I am an apprentice so price is a consideration for me but the quality and function of the product is even more important too me, I don't want too use a product that will ruin my curls, I've managed too find products that really work for me, I use Holland and barret (health store in uk) aloe Vera shampoo(low poo) £7 once a month, tresemme naturals conditioner for co washing £5, boots curl creme(silicone free and a neglegable ammount of drying alcohols)£1.39 and boots extra firm hold gel £0.80(no drying alcohol or cones) am constant trying new products and this is what I have been using recently and it really works, leaves my hair defined, lots of volume and touchable - though ive just gotten a set of devacurl products, so I'm trying them out, they are really expensive and apart from the styling cream, the glygeryn makes my hair frizzy because i live in such a humid place 
I would say performance. While it does not allow me to be a product junkie, it's OK as it has forced me to kick the habit. ;-) But with all the effort I am putting into my hair, it is important to know that I am using the best products to help it flourish. Here are 3 tips to help you stretch your buck : Buy online. Buy on sale. Buy in bulk.
Price is my driving force right now because I barely have any money left over after bills. I am a college drop-out only child with a sick mother and I am trying to flip a house after a divorce (where the house was bought during the marriage when there were 2 incomes). I alternate between Tresemme, Jane Carter and Oyin and when he local supermarket has a good sale on SheaMoisture then I'll pick up 1 or 2 bottles of that.