Searching for product lines that do NOT smell sweet/fruity/tropical/vanilla

Hi there - I'm a 2C-3B type (I think), Irish hair (thick, dense, somewhat dry, not too damage, non-porous, good elasticity). It seems to respond well to coconut oil, but to little else. I think that the LOC method will work well for me for smoothing and defining. Searching for the items to use that DON'T smell sweet, fruity, coconutty, tropical, desserty, vanilla, floral, amber, or citrus. Just can't do those categories of fragrance. Spicy/woody/masculine/green would be great. Unscented would be even better. Any recs for a leave in and a styling cream or butter? TIA!

2 Answers

Well I'm not sure what products you like to use but I recommend using kids hair products like mixed chicks and shea moisture. Both of these lines for kids don't use hard chemicals and are unscented (they also work fine on an adults hair.) 
Jessicurl has a line of products that are un scented. Love the Spiralicious gel.