Is the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie a leave in conditioner?

2 Answers

No. It is a product, almost like a cream, that styles and defines your hair. It is very healthy for it, and has organic ingredients. Beware, however I am Caucasian with 3a hair and it is VERY heavy. It weighed my hair down the first day and I had to use a cleansing conditioner every 3 days.
Like the first person stated, it's a styling product and it is thick. I own the product and using it alone takes forever to set; however, recently when doing my hair and some of my friend's hair I noticed it works well when mixing some water to control the thickness. If you do decide on that method I would suggest taking some out the tub and mixing it in another container. My sister mixed too much water in the original tub and messed the whole thing up.