Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie weighing 3a hair down?

I recently purchased the smoothie and I've noticed my hair looking less curly. Do you think I'm using too much or I should mix it with water? Or do I just need some protein ( I have high porosity hair) 

1 Answer

It can be easy to over-do the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, a little goes a long way. I lightly run the pads of three of my fingers across the surface of the Smoothie (from one end of the container to the other, like the diameter of a circle, only once) and then rub that amount between the palms my hands and then rake + "pray" that through a 2-3 inch section of my hair. I repeat this on my entire head. You may need more or less, it all depends on your hair.  I tried to describe my method as best as I could :).