Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque & Protein. Are there enough in this masque?

Hiya!Transitioning dilemma: I bought, as DC/Treatment the Shea Mosture DT masque and i'm using it weekly, with plastic bag, winter cap and towel for heat. I've read that transitioning need a lot of protein and i was wondering if there are in this masque and if it's enough (i use all SM products: CH for shampoo, leave in (CS milk) and styling (CESmoothie) and the raw shea butter reconstructive conditioner as rinse out, and..i don't know if there are protein in them and i don't want to get too high in protein adding a DIY egg masque or buying a protein DT to do monthly. To be honest i think i couldn't even tell how someone can notice an uberproteined hair.Suggestions? 

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