shea moisture hair mask isn't working for me ):

I use the shea moisture raw shea butter masque and for some reason It doesn't moisturize my hair.I wonder why because It seems like It works for everyone except for me. Am I using it wrong?

3 Answers

No, you're probably not using it wrong. It can be used as a styler & as a deep conditioner...Every product doesn't work for everyone's hair though..There's nothing wrong with your hair, it just might not like that specific product
It doesn't really work for me either. You can look at some characteristics of your hair that affect whether a product seems to work for your hair or not here:
I agree with the ladies above, not every product is going to work the same for everybody! When I first tried it, I found it difficult to distribute and it just kind of sat on my hair, so for me it didn't work at first either. I hate throwing stuff away so I tried taking some in my hand and mixing it with water to make it have more "slip." That made it easier for me to distribute. Then I tried using a heat cap and that really made a huge difference for me. I still can't use it as a styler and I can't leave it in my hair for too long but now I really love it as a DT!