"shea moisture jamacian castrol oil hair masque"

I recently bought "Shea moisture jamacian black castrol oil hair masque". I have type 3a hair... My hair is pretty damaged from dying it and years of straightening it... But j really want to make it healthy again and wear it curly... I tried coconut oil masks, to no avail. Can I use this masque on my hair? Or will it be to heavy and pull out my curls? Should I just leave it on for less time? Please help! Thank u!

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Just Hold On! I'm coming back; I just wanna take a look at the ingredients!
Ok I'm back! umm... well you did say your hair was damaged so this is an awesome conditioner but there are more deep conditioners that are specialized in damaged hair. Soo umm look for conditioners high in keratin, collagen, and/or other proteins cuz like these proteins bond to the proteins in your hair making it stronger and filling in for the missing cuticles and the holes in your cuticles....this will be depressing but....temporarily. Yeah they actually fill in temporarily just because of the fact that they're not the natural  protein that your hair is made with. SOOO, I suggest to keep your hair looking soft and healthy for now,  use a protein rich conditioner WHILE you're growing out new hair. So basically when you feel like your undamaged new hair has grown enough you can just cut these damaged hairs. But then again for now I suggest you of course use the conditioner if you've already opened it but then buy Curl Junkie's Repair Me! Reconstructive Hair Treatment It's filled with keratin and fatty oils! Oh! and as a leave in, use ApHogee's Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer! It contain hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed silk, and green tea extract! It will make your hair so silky and smooth because it's proteins will fill in for the missing cuticles and strengthen it tremendously! But wememba,DER NERT CERLER YER HER! and straightening it 1 or twice a year is just fine! So, Yeah!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old