Shea moisture JBCO leave in conditioner as a deep treatment?

The Jamaican black castor oil leave in conditioner from Shea Moisture has three proteins in the ingredients as oppose to the masque which only has two. I am looking for a masque with a lot of protein, so would the leave in work as a masque on my hair or would it be too light for this purpose? I have 2c high porosity hair that need a lot of protein.  

1 Answer

I would say that it's probably too light. It's consistency is kind of like a thick water or milk, maybe a smoothie consistency.  Plus, deep treatment masque are formulated to provide (at least attempt to) intensive treatment in a relatively short amount of time. Leave-in conditioners , instead, are formulated to provide moisture and benefits immediately, which means it usually has to be reapplied and most likely won't provide the same level of protein/moisture treatment as the hair may be protein overloaded or suffer hygral fatigue . This article explains compares deep conditioners vs rinse-out conditioners (which many people also like to use as leave-ins) and this one explains the what a leave-in does. Also, the Hair masque has less kinds of protein, but it does have more in terms of quantity based on wehre they show up on the list of ingredients. Personally, if you could, I'd use both. They're both wonderful!