Shea Moisture line: do i need to clarifying before starting using?

yeah ordered them online and will receive in a couple of days. Since now i used some product i found here in Italy which was decent but noto CG approved at all ( got few dimethicone in it *conditioner and leave in* not in the first 5 places but still present) i would like to know if i should use a clarifying shampoo before getting starter with the SM products to get RID of the bad things currently in my hair or if it is unnecessary because the SM shampoo will tale the buildup away and if noto what kind of clarifying shampoo shall i use ( my Bf has got a bottle of head and shoulders silk and smooth and i was thinking of it but i saw it also has dimethicone in it)

3 Answers

just shampoo twice with sheamoisture shampoo to remove the silicone. i swear by the curl & shine shampoo and it has removed silicones and 2 weeks worth of castor oil and buildup with lather rinse repeat 
Thanks so much! i'll definitely do as you suggest! <3
Hi The Blondie Dream! I addressed your question in the This is Why Your New Product's Not Working article.