sheamoisture, type 3b

My hair is a type 3b, coarse thick hair, a little over shoulder lenght. I'd say its medium porosity as i feel some bumbs but its not overwhelmingWhat i would like to get helped with are finding the right products for me. (shampoo, conditioner, leave-ins, i need it all) i love everything shea moisture but there are so many products and i don't know which ones fit my needs. My hair is very dry at times. I feel that my hair growth is slowed down and would like to boost it. I also have no idea what to do with my day 2 curls, they get very dry and i like to put it in a bun so some curls lose their shape and become creased. I have so much frizz and specially around my crown area that i would like to tame. I usually use flaxseed gel but dont feel they do anything for frizz, it's more for curl defining.I hope based on that information you guys could give me an indication on what products from i should use. All answers are much appreciated, thanks <3

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