Anything similar product to Sebastian mousse forte?

I use Suave Firm Control boosting mousse. Which is compared to Sebastian Mousse Forte. I love love love this product. It defines my hair with out stronger and adds the perfect amount of volume. Makes my hair peicy. With the right amount of definition. I like my curl pattern but if I condition too much of used certain products my curls go from.3b to 3c. And that just isn't me . I like wavy hair l. It just makes my hair amazing.I feel like it might be bad for myhair though. I used this constantly in my hair for four months. I loved it but my hair dropped our crazy. It could have been because my remain wss weak. I think on bad day I just through this in my hair with out a sum or leave in or anything. That may have been were I went wrong. So I'm switching to Sebastian Mousse Forte. But before I do I wanted to know if their were any producta similar to it, to try before purchasing.

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