How soon should I notice results after using products?

During wash day, I notice that I am losing a lot of hair when detangling (even with my hair drenched in conditioner and with finger detangling). My ends feel extremely dry even when soaking wet and I dc once every week. I may need to change products but how soon should I be able to see the results of products geared towards damaged hair? In the past, I've tried moisturizing and protein treatments and if I didn't notice results within two weeks, I hunted for new solutions. 

1 Answer

You're on your way to defining what the results are, so that's good. If you're ends feel dry even...when they're wet?? Then that sounds like a problem that no product can topically fix. Time to trim those ends off! All a product can do anyway is sit on top of the hair, you know? Split end mender products just act as "glue" to smooth down the splits, but the splits are still there. Best bet is to cut them.