How can we start a campaign to stop the labeling insanity? We need Winter and Summer formulas!

I have been reading labels and Q&A boards for a year now and the labels on curly hair products is insanely confusing! Please help the curlygirl community start a campaign for Mfr's to produce Winter and Summer formulas of products. I've read all about how many of us need winter formulas free of -cones, humectants (glycerin, honey, etc), panthenol, and on and on... BUT so many products suggested have at least 1-2 of these in the ingredients. Stop the Insanity! There's a lot of consumer power in the Curly Girl community and we should petition our favorite makers like Shea Moisture and others to simplify the labels and bring out winter formulas for all their dry-climate markets.

1 Answer

I definitely agree with this! I've been going with my natural hair for about two years now and didn't realize until recently that the reason my hair was temperamental with me during the winter months was because I haven't been using the right products! Learning to love your curls is hard and it's especially hard when product labels and confusing.