Struggling to find natural products in S.A

Hi im currently transitioning, finding products that all the naturals use in South Africa is to no avail. We recently got Dr Miracle Curl Care Line on the shelves,There is a growing demand for natural products. Does anyone know of natural ranges expanding to S.A?

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I'm also living in South Africa and struggling to find curly care products for my 2c/3a curls. For your hairtype, you can find Miss Jessies at Clicks. I believe there is an online store that stocks Shea Moisture. If you find that the products are too expensive, visit an online store called Faithful to Nature. It stocks a range of shea butters and oils, as well as sulphate and silicone free shampoos and conditioners. They do not stock anything specifically for our curls but the chemical free haircare products can still help you to keep your tresses moisturised. Good luck!
than you so much*
Its a pleasure. We do have a dilemma in South Africa regarding wavies and curlies who make up most of the population. I did contact some USA based companies who are interested in stocking SA with quality hair care products for our hair types. However when I forwarded the suggestion to some SA stores, there was barely any interest with the advise being that I should try their smooth and sleek range. So yeah, it feels like our needs are being ignored. Hopefully in the future we will have our own comprehensive Curlmart Store that caters for us all.
that is ridiculous as a lot of people are in need..hopefully a interional brand takes a chance in S.A..