I am from Ireland and I am mixedraced and unfortunately we do not have access to all of the amazing hair products on NaturallyCurly.No one really knows much about my 3B/4C hair over here and they often use harsh products on it and immediately class it as afro hair (even though there are so many versions of curly and my hair does not take well to those products!) I need help with products that could style my hair and that really do work to combat fizz (no silicones or crazy ingredients please :-) ) Since it will cost me a fortune to buy and test products from the US, I would love some advice beforehand :)PS in order to test the porosity of hair, should one cut a piece of hair off or just soak their hair in water, or neither? In my picture, my hair is not always like that.. it tends to change on a daily basis depending on what I do with it.. is it just me? :/Thanks gals, this site has really helped me out!Deliax

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