why do stylists tend to not recommend/dislike shea moisture products?

is it just me or do stylists (deva trained or otherwise) tend to not like Shea Moisture? there was a stylist on the subreddit r/curlyhair saying how much he dislike SM, and my stylist (deva and ouidad trained and sells a variety of brands in her salon) says shes never seen good results with SM except in a few people. does anyone know why this is?

2 Answers

It just coats - and doesnt moisturize as it does in skin
It creates a slippery, slimy, hard to remove waterproof layer on the hair.  Most curls will layer their hair with a coating shampoo, conditioner, and styling product that they add multiple times before was day.  When wash day rolls around the client is usually using a cleanser that doesn't remove that coating and may contribute to it.  This creates incredibly dry (lacking water) hair thats greasy/dry.  It also takes a lot of time to detox the clients hair.  Just this stylists experience/opinion.