Any suggestions for a travel diffuser that is compact? Mine is HUGE & a pain to pack!

I diffuse daily with a large bowl type diffuser with fingers.  It's really large and I'm afraid it won't fit on the hotels hair dryers, so I always pack my hair dryer and diffuser.  It takes up SO MUCH ROOM. I found a silicone collapsible one, but it was too flimsy and kept collapsing when I tried to use it. Any suggestions?? I fly spirit a lot and packing space is really limited :-)

1 Answer

Hi! I bought a travel hair dryer, its a mini one. Obviously the diffuser attachment is big but not as big as the regular ones, something like the palm of my hand. It is 110-220V so pretty useful in Europe and America. Good for diffusing but not to blow out your hair straight. If you want to use it on high setting it will automatically turn off after a while when it gets too hot (that is the inconvenience of the traveling ones) but for a medium setting it will stand, good for diffusing.