The truth about glycerin

I live in south Louisiana where it is very very humid and the dew point is always pretty high. For example today the humidity was 87% and the dew point was 66 degrees.  I watched a video about how people who live in areas with high dew points and humidity should stay away from products with glycerin, but is this true? I tried flaxseed gel for the first time in my hair today and it turned out horrible (like i was better off not putting any gel in it)!! Although it was rainy and humid, it did not work at all, it's as if it evaporated into thin air.  The gel I used before (Eco Styler) contains glycerin, but it never really did that, unless I did not put enough of it in my hair on rainy and humid days.  So I just need some help in clearing up the truth about glycerin? Is it good for my hair, based on the area I live in, or is it bad?

1 Answer

Glycerin is a humectant that holds water in like a barrier but does not add anything to hair, if anything you need stronger conditioner to beef up the cortex and layers of hair , and most conditioners have other materials to hold in moisture, better than silicone or glycerin, which I would avoid. Try a stong conditioner , Scientific Essentials is what my roommate and I use and keeps our hair in humid weather looking great and feeling strong