Has anyone tried Shea Moisture AND Mielle Organics? I want to know which one is better and why?

I always used ORS hair lotion for my daughters hair for years, but now I'm noticing a lot of breakage and shedding. I started using Mielle Organics and I LOVE the way it softens, defines her curls and smells. But I haven't seen progress in the growth and strength.  So I was going to try the Shea Moisture products but I am so overwhelmed with all of these options. Maybe I should combine the two lines?? Her hair is 3c

1 Answer

Gurlllllll u is lucky I can't sleep tonight . Mielie is the truth ! I have 3a 3b hair  I hate Shea moisture. It is for 4 abc women . For growth that comes from the inside . You need to take a vitamin twice a day in combination with the products . I use manematablism . I also take a prenatal and vitamin E . Your hair will grow when start taking vitamins . Also the best product for growth ..,, you ready .... Do Gro hair grease. It's been my secrect for years . I have a "Good hair" and people can't believe that I use that , get the mega thickener grease ( blue one) and apply it to your scalp after u wash and go . And I have long hair , not my chin length like most girls who comment I'm talking past bsl , I would up load it but I ain't got no new pics wait yes I do. Hope it works for u ask me if you have any questions , ps this pic is the shortest my hair has ever been right now I'm doing no heat do this is me with a trim