What types of oil-free conditioners, shampoos, etc. can I use for 2b hair?

I've been using sulfate/silicone free shampoo and conditioner for my 2b hair for a while now - specifically, the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle products. It's been working really well for me; however, my dermatologist recommended that I start using oil-free hair products to avoid excessive breakouts on my face! Does anyone have any oil-free recommendations? Co-washes, rinse-outs, shampoos, etc. are all welcome!!Please and thanks!!

3 Answers

That's really tough. Most products for curly or wavy hair have oil in them. I would stick to a minimalist hair regimen until your skin returns to normal. Stick to super simple shampoo and conditioner, maybe even VO5. They're light and won't hurt your skin. 
Honestly, there is no conditioner without a moisturizing ingredient in it. So potentially everything could be problematic. I know some people make their own conditioners with glycerin but usually they add oils as well. You could look into that on YT maybe. I would make sure to pineapple my hair at night to keep it off your face/neck. Change your pillowcase every couple days. Wash your face and neck AFTER your conditioner in the shower and clip it up until you can put a robe or shirt on to protect those areas. I'd also spread a thin layer of milk of magnesia, over the problem areas during the day when your hair will be down. It can act as a barrier and absorb oils. If your face is dry though this may not be helpful. Good luck.