Now that Ultra/Standard Acquires T/Media,NC & SN -Isn't it time for change?

I luv being a NC community member. This has been my rock and place to come when i need a "pick me up".However how many times do we have to hear the same request by international curlies for a better deal on shipping since we are all part of the same community! Surely there is someone in senior management with negotiating skills whom can negotiate with the service provider different options such as via air - Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, Priority Courier Shipping, via shipping container and even surface mail. Why should we have to go to another service provider to get the products delivered at a cheaper price when we belong to this community? Shame.Also it would be nice of the above corporations since they appreciate international curlies just not for their numbers for their coorporation/empire/community, if they could honor us with competitions that we can enter because we are not able to enter the awesome competions that NaturalCurly have running all the time because we are not "us residents". There is always a solution. As i see things, better shipping option= more members=^profits. Currently, as it is, you are hurting yourselves and new small businesses trying to make it, when the products that Naturalcurly has are far superiour than the majority of the worlds current hair market. United we stand...It would be nice if one of the senior editors did an article on this?BewilderedCarlsruhe

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