Has anyone used the Garnier Whole Blends line yet? is it worth the buy?

I have high porosity (always have seen birth) and I saw that my local Walmart that Garnier Whole Blends had a new line with avocado which my hair craves according to the articles I've read. Just wondering if it's safe to use or worth buying. 

1 Answer

Hi ! I've seen these at Walmart also , and wondered too. I have tried the Apple detangler ( leave in spray light green bottle gold cap ).... I loved the smell of. But I was not impressed with the ability to detangle my fine, but very thick, long , tangle proned hair. It did not have enough slip for me.Also, I was curious about the Coconut leave in cream, in the bottle( bc I like the old green one) But I honestly could not stand the smell , so I did not buy.It had a strong smell more musky, and not a sweet coconut scent . Please let me know if you try any of the new whole blends.. Thanks for posting this question.