Has anyone used the Surface Hair products? Bassu Moisture vs. Surface Curls??

My stylist recommends and has used Surface shampoo and conditioner on my hair. I've been using Shea Moisture products, but lately they just leave my hair dry. I liked the way my hair felt after my stylist used the Surface products on my hair, so I thought I would try them out at home. I'm not sure which type she used on me, but the two that sound best for me are the Bassu Moisture and the Surface Curls. My hair is very dry and frizzy. I have very thick and dense 3B hair. Medium to longer length. Medium to high porosity (I think). Also, I live in a fairly humid climate (Georgia). Just wondering if anyone had suggestion between these two products. Also, has anyone tried the Surface curls smoothing cream? What do you think? Thanks!

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